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Bruce Jensky – Spinal Cyst Removal and Lumbar Fusion Surgery

Dr. Jeffrey Carlson in surgical scrubsThis endorsement is a long time in coming as I am one who does not give an endorsement lightly…

In the spring of 2016, I started to suffer pain in my right leg, specifically the thigh and calf. It seemed to be little more than a sprain or strain, but it got worse. The pain got so bad, I could not walk, stand, or sit. I just fell to the floor in agony.

My Primary Care Provider tried muscle relaxers and pain meds and recommended physical therapy. Although all helped, none solved the problem. After months of physical therapy, my therapist recommended that I seek more specialized care and recommended Dr. Jeffrey Carlson at Orthopedic and Spine Center.

Before I called, I went on line and did some due-diligence and checked Dr. Carlson and the facility out…

All my research encouraged me to call and I made an appointment with Dr. Carlson. First impressions are very important to me and I was very impressed with Dr. Carlson, the facilities, and all the personnel when I arrived.

After an initial assessment, I was given a cortisone shot, but to no avail… I was then given an MRI and I appreciate that they had the facilities on site. I was no condition to go searching for an off-site, third party facility for a MRI.

The MRI indicated that I had a cyst putting pressure on my sciatic nerve. Dr. Carlson recommended surgery to remove the cyst and spinal stabilization to minimize the chances of the cyst growing back.

I agreed to the surgery in November 2016 and chose to also have the stabilization performed as I did not want to go through this again.

I was admitted to Bon Secours Mary Immaculate Hospital and Dr. Carlson performed the surgery that morning. I was released the next day (great hospital, also gave them a rave review…). After a week of recovery, I was back to my old self. The only reminder of my surgery is a small scar in the small of my back.

It has now been almost 18 months and I continue to enjoy a full life. I highly recommend Dr. Jeffery Carlson and the Orthopedic and Spine Center. They treated me with respect and dignity. I never felt that I was being pushed or prodded to choose any specific procedure. The all had the time and patience to answer my questions and respond to my fears. I cannot thank them enough.

Bruce Jensky

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