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Michelle Vega – Discectomy & Cervical Fusion

Dr. Jeffrey Carlson saved my life in 2005 when a painful herniated disc that I’d suffered with for 3 years finally took me out of the game of life. My recovery then was unremarkable, meaning I was back to feeling normal fairly quickly. I recommended Dr. Carlson to anyone having issues, for years. I never thought I’d be seeing him again, but in 2022, after a slow deterioration in my neck, I went to see Dr. Carlson for help for a second time.

His team was quick to get the necessary x-rays and MRI to help diagnose the root cause of my pain and I finally saw proof that it wasn’t in my head, that what I had going on was not going to ever be better without surgery. I hesitated to have a discectomy at first, but once I was finally tired of the constant discomfort and inability to sleep, I went back in and scheduled surgery.

My discectomy with fusion (C5-6) happened in early March, 2023. My goal was to get away from the pain and get back to regular life. Recovery wasn’t long (2 weeks in the neck brace), 2 more weeks of being careful while doing self-rehab to hopefully avoid prescribed PT.

My main goal was to hop back on my motorcycle and enjoy life. It was only 7 weeks post-surgery that I was on my motorcycle again, no PT, no pain, no limitations and feeling great. This photo was taken in late April, proof that even spinal fusion surgery can lead you back to a normal life, enjoying the things you love. Thanks to Dr. Carlson and the entire team at OSC! Twice now, I’ve been able to walk away a very satisfied patient!

Michelle Vega

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